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Gula Construction: The Gold Standard for Basement Finishing in the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities, enveloping the dynamic realms of Minneapolis and St. Paul and the serene expanses of Burnsville, is home to countless residents cherishing the diverse architecture of this region. Amidst these structures, basements, often underutilized, hold immense potential. Whether it’s an untapped playroom, a cozy family lounge, or an at-home theater, the basement can be transformed into a myriad of functional spaces. Leading this transformation journey in the Twin Cities is Gula Construction, the hallmark of basement finishing expertise.

Unraveling Basement Finishes

Basement finishing is the process of converting a raw, often overlooked basement into a livable, functional, and aesthetic space. Unlike mere makeovers, basement finishing often involves intricate elements like insulation, flooring, drywall, electrical work, and more. The end goal? Crafting a space that not only adds to the home’s value but provides an enhanced living experience.

Prominent Types of Basement Finishes

Gula Construction: Basement Finishing

Gula Construction’s Approach in the Twin Cities


Burnsville Basements

In the tranquil surroundings of Burnsville, homeowners often seek a peaceful retreat within their homes. Gula Construction specializes in crafting basements that mirror this serenity, be it through cozy family lounges or personal libraries.

home office basement


With the energetic pulse of Minneapolis, many homeowners look for multi-functional basements. Whether it’s an entertainment hub for those game nights or a chic home office, Gula Construction ensures the finished space is as dynamic as the city itself.

modern guest suite

St. Paul Splendor

Nestled amidst historical charm, St. Paul basements offer a canvas rich in possibilities. Gula Construction’s designs often harmonize the old-world charm with modern finishes, be it a wine cellar echoing the past or a modern guest suite.

Why choose Gula Construction

Basement Remodel-Finish

Local Acumen

Our deep-seated presence in the Twin Cities ensures we grasp the unique architectural and cultural intricacies of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Burnsville.

Basement Remodel-Finish

Customized Creations

We recognize that every basement and homeowner carries a distinct vision. Our designs and finishes resonate with these individual narratives.

Basement Remodel-Finish

Unwavering Quality

By utilizing top-tier materials and industry-leading techniques, Gula Construction guarantees basements that stand the test of time, both in functionality and design.

Client testimonials

Exemplary Professionalism: A Series of Home Projects

My wife and I were both impressed with the professionalism this company offered us. First project was them building our 2 vanities and redoing our staircase which turned out fantastic! 

Second project we had them work on our insurance claim. Dmitriy was able to work with the adjuster to get us a new roof, gutters and few other things replaced. Next project is a 2nd story addition, looking forward to it this summer!

– Paul S.

Storm Recovery Success with Gula Construction

After the hail storm in Summer of 2019 we called our insurance company to file a claim, after having our adjuster look at our roof and siding we were told that there isn’t enough damage. We were recommended by our neighbors to call Gula Construction and see what they can do. Dmitriy and his apprentice came out on time and met with the adjuster. Not only we got a roof and siding covered, we also received new gutters, fascia and new window aluminum wraps on all of our windows! I would highly recommend Gula Construction.

– Madeline K.

Let's work together

Transforming the depths of your home into a vibrant, functional space is a venture that demands expertise, creativity, and dedication. In the heart of the Twin Cities, Gula Construction emerges as the beacon of basement finishing excellence.

From Burnsville’s tranquil domains to Minneapolis’s vivacity and St. Paul’s timeless charm, trust Gula Construction to reimagine, reshape, and revive your basement.

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