Remodeling & Renovation In The Twin Cities

From Concept To Creation!

Remodeling and renovation are two of the best ways to monetize your property. When the housing market is slow, remodeling in the Twin Cities will make your home more pleasant to live in. When the housing market is strong, renovation makes your home more competitive in a busy market. Either way, you benefit from remodeling and renovation.

Update And Expand

With Gula Construction, you get an entire team on your side for updating and expanding your home. You can have that beautiful two-story addition to your home. You can add that extra master suite, or sun room. Update your powder room, or renovate your kitchen. With knowledgeable designers and contractors, you can have your dream home.

Accessibility And Codes

Do you need your home to be handicapped accessible? Gula Construction does that. Accessibility can mean much more than simply wide doorways – it can apply to plumbing fixtures, and even to the placement of electrical outlets.

In some cases, your home may not be up to codes. This may keep you from being able to sell your home. We can bring your home up to code and more. Let us come and analyze the areas of your home that could do with improvement. Your renovations will be compliant with municipal codes, and we get everything approved for you.

Tell Us Your Needs

We are very thorough in our approach to your remodeling job. Make a list of everything you need in your remodeling project. Then, make a list of everything you want, too! We make a comprehensive checklist of everything you want and need in your remodel or renovation. Then, we measure and photograph each area for our designers and contractors benefit, so they can plan out their renovation.

Work Within Your Budget

At Gula Construction, we know that sometimes your budget doesn’t meet your desired renovations. We will do the most we can with the budget available to maximize your space. We can evaluate your home condition, and develop a design that fits your timeframe, location, and budget.

Our Consultation Is Free!

Let us transform your home or office. An office remodel in St. Paul. A home addition in Minneapolis. In either case, Gula Construction is here to make your vision a reality. Our expert team works together to build great spaces for our great customers.